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Climber B.C opens its first store in the Trump Shopping Mall.

While presenting unique designs stylizing their items with quality and contemporary aesthetic, a leader in male design, Climber B.C, opened its first store in the Trump Towers Shopping Mall.

Pitti Imagine Uomo 87

CLIMBER B.C., as a company geared towards men who appreciate the finer things, and for shops who want to display products for them, took a peak at the Pitti Imagine Uomo fair.

Astrologist Mr Egemen Töreli Sharing Platform

Astrologist Mr Egemen Töreli was welcomed to our sharing platform. We had a wonderful night listening to him talk about the horoscopes for 2015.

Mr Mustafa Ceceli Company Visit

One of our best loved artists Mr Mustafa Ceceli delighted us with a visit and gave us the chance to take a lot of pictures with him. Thank you for the wonderful visit.

Radio producer and DJ Hop Dedik Ayhan Development Platform

Radio programmer and DJ Hop Dedik Ayhan welcomed attendees with some of his sounds at the Development Platform.



Journalist and writer Mr Aynur Ayaz joined the Cuno Development Platform.

Turkish television’s most successful presenters and well known journalist Aynur Ayaz, prepared a presentation about how to use ‘effective communication and body language’. As the first step, Ayaz revealed that the key to effective communication was self-confidence and was to do with making peace with ourselves, adding that moreover we have to constantly develop ourselves in order to fully develop interpersonal skills.

CLIMBER B.C. 2015 Autumn & Winter "Compose Yourself"

CLIMBER B.C.’s 2015 Autumn-Winter collection takes ‟Compose Yourself” as its theme, displaying items with a unique aesthetic and dynamism with a mature and positive feel.

ATV Anchorman Cem Öğretir joins the Cuno Development Platform.

"Good evening, live from the Atv news desk" is Cem Öğretir’s catchphrase. The famous news host gave a talk regarding the media, and a couple of tricks of the trade regarding body language, diction and effective communication that are hallmarks of the industry.

General surgery expert Dr Asil Yılmaz, joins the Cuno Development Platform.

Ms Yılmaz joined the managing group to express her views on health shopping. Those who attended the talk expressed delight and the Cuno Group Board Member Mithat Samsama expressed his thanks with a plaque in her honor.

CLIMBER B.C. 2014 Spring & Summer “Tomorrow’s World”

The face of Climber BC’s Summer 2014 Collection is Italian model Andrea Maraccini, who brings new meaning, as well as extraordinary style, to the Istanbul-produced range. He has come to be the representative of the “Tomorrow’s World” Project.

CLIMBER B.C. Clothing Brand in Cooperation with Istanbul Fashion Academy 

CLIMBER B.C. started cooperation with the Istanbul Fashion Academy, one of the best fashion schools of Turkey, recognized at international platforms, which lead it’s educational activities in the field of fashion and fashion*related fields.

CLIMBER B.C. 2013 Spring&Summer Photo “Supramind” has been completed

The shooting for the Climber&tt2;s “Supramind” themed new season took place in Fabrika Studios which carries the tint of Istanbul&tt2;s cosmopolitan and eclectic style. This time it was Jakob Hybholt from Denmark modeling in front of Sedef Delen&tt2;s camera, who for seasons has carried the language of this brand over to photographs. Jakob Hybholt, this 24 year old model, who is in agents&tt2; portfolios in many cities from New York to Tokyo, from London to Paris, has walked on the catwalk for the greatest designers from John Galliano to Issey Miyake, is now the face of Climber.

CLIMBER B.C. Continues Its Constant Growth By Opening A New Showroom.

In the heart of trade Istanbul – Laleli district, on the Mesihpasha street, Climber B.C. opened to its customers the doors of 11 floor flagman store, thus making another contribution to the brand.

CLIMBER B.C. 2013 Fall Winter Photo Shoot “Melancholia” has been completed

Climber B.C.’s adventure is going on under the guidance of Umit Unal. After the “Party’s Over” concept, we pass to another dynamic with is more stable. Our new fiction is about a human who is searching for a different world and wanting to live a new start more truely with the experiences. This is an expression about many people, many emotion, exhaustment, expectation and hope. With the recalling definition that we took from master director Lars Von Trier’s last film “Melancholia”

CLIMBER B.C. draws intense interest at the Pitti Immagine

CLIMBER B.C., has attracted great attention s a trademark exhibited at Pitti Immagine Uomo that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Climber preserves its leading position in the regional market and fingers on the pulse of global fashion at an extraordinary platform that mirrors the quality, elegancy and sense of fashion for the new man of the world. 


Climber B.C. online store is just one click away! You can find many kind of man’s garments of you need in online store. Climber B.C. Online store has many advantages. You can buy up to %60 discounted products all the time. Free shipping and 3 mount installment of payment is Climber’s special offers to you. Click shop.climberbc.com , don’t miss this great opportunity.

Famous career coach Prof. Dr. Ruhi Kaykayoğlu joined to Cuno Development Platform 

Famous career coach Prof. Dr. Ruhi Kaykayoğlu gave a lecture with the subject of “Creative Problem Solving Theory” (TRIZ) to attendees of Cuno Development Department in the date of 14 March 2012.The major characteristic of the TRIZ method which is used to develop current products and processes and new products and processes is being tangible and user friendly. With TRIZ applications, it is expressed that TRIZ develops critical, analytical thinking and skills and besides it is the most important tool to accelerate the problem solving skill of mankind. 

Full Support to Blood Donation by Employees of Cüno Tekstil 

Cüno Tekstil, which gives particular importance to the health and the future of communal living, paves the way for the blood donation by its volunteer employees evert year with collaboration provided with the Red Crescent. 75 units blood in total donated in the date of 10 Marcht 2012. Considering that one unit of blood is a hope for 3 lives, we touched to the lives of nearly 225 people. 

Climber Jeans 2012 Spring Summer Collection Istanbul Fair Collection Premiere Introduced

Described as the biggest fashion platform, "2;CPI-Collection Premiere Istanbul"2;, 9-11 February 2012 was held between CNR EXPOIstanbul. The fair, the first hints of summer gave Climber Jeans.

Football Tournament Final

Cuno Tekstil’s interdepartmental traditional football tournament is now complete with participation of 6 teams. “Climber Traditional Football Tournament”, which has been developed to enhance coherence and harmony by and between Cuno Textile company personnel, and to allow new comers to teem with the rest of personnel, had been very exciting and flustering for football players and for audience. 

Cüno Tekstil Issues Certificate to Personnel that Receives First Aid Training

11 staff member attended First Aid and Health course provided by Kurtaran Sağlık ve Eğitim Hizmetleri. Scheduled for 16 hours, the course provided theoretical and applied training on basic subjects such as hearth attack, fractures, blood pressure, choking, as well as the best and most practical attitude in case of earthquake, flood and fire. The personnel that accomplished the course was conferred upon “Certificate of First Aid” accredited by Turkish Governorship of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Health. 

Climber took his place with social media!

It is nowadays generally recognized that blogs will direct the media of future. While many blogs generating good quality content knocking the traditional media understanding down, e new perspective is emanating on the blogs: ” Blogs in word of mouth product marketing”. Nowadays, there are hundred thousand of blogs available in order to determine the consumption trends of potential customers, to learn their thoughts on a newly introduced product or to advertise existing product.

7th Traditional Climber Football Tournament get start!..

7th Traditional Climber Football Tournament organized to ensure the spirit of unity, cooperation and collaboration among the units of Cüno Textile Grout get start. 

Traditional Cuno Textile Fast Breaking meal

We as the employees of Cuno textile meet again in “Traditional Cuno Textile Fast Breaking meal. 

Traditional Climber Club Picnic Festival

With the participation of our employees and their families on a regular basis every year, make &tt2;Traditional Climber Club Picnic festival this year has already finished tenth.

Future generations For More Beautiful World ...

Cuno Management Group, under the TEMA Foundation in cooperation with the employees&tt2; sense of social responsibility "2;Mother&tt2;s Day"2; is a project carried out for the very significant.

Social aware of our responsibility

Cuno Group, "2;Improving the Quality of Life"2;project, "2;Tema Foundation"2; launched with the cooperation of the staff training and awareness-raising work.

National Quality and Excellence Model Introduction Meeting KALDER Experience Sharing

On 09.02.2011 by KalDer Bahcesehir University campus in Sisli introductory meeting of the National Quality Movement And Excellence Model, Excellence in the process of our corporation and our experiences that we share examples of good practice. That we believe will provide significant contribution to spreading the culture of excellence, such activities would wish for more.

Cuno Vision 2010 Awards Ceremony

Cuno Tekstil, Employee Appreciation Recognition system under the "2;2010 Best Chapter of the Year and Employees"2;of Cuno realized recently rewarded with Vision Organization for Rewarding Employees. The first one we had to apply at a ceremony in 2007, the year&tt2;s most successful unit, the champion of the year proposal, 5 and 10 year veteran of 2010&tt2;s most successful unit in the employees and the employees were given awards.

We Are Here for the people of our country

Cuno Group, "2;we are there for the people of our country,"2; the slogan was on his way Türk Kızılay cooperation within the scope of application of social responsibility project in 2010, "2;Blood is not urgent, ongoing need, "2; respectively.

Traditional Picnic Festival

With the participation of our employees and their families on a regular basis every year, we realized, "2;the ninth this year have left behind traditional Climber Club Picnic Festival.

Traditional Volleyball Tournament

Cuno Tekstil units with the participation of eight teams in the traditional Climber Club Volleyball Tournament, colorful images that came to an end.

Cuno Cafe Opens

Textile Employees Cuno gives great importance to the recommendations of the Board of Directors, the company cafeteria in the cafe section of the seven to be presented to the benefit of employees carried out the installation of computer and internet connection.

Global crisis and restructuring the Global Platform Development

Within the scope of Community Development Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim OZTURK Global crisis and restructuring in the world where the process of Turkey "2;seminar was held with great interest.

Development Platform

Held regularly every week, "2;Development Platform "2;, the meeting Herbalist, embryologist Asst. Omer Coskun invited.

Turkey Conversion Process Development Platform

This month the meeting Development Platform Journalist - Author - Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mehmet Altan have guests.

Climber Jeans 2011 Spring Summer Collection Istanbul Fair Collection Premiere Announced

Described as the biggest fashion platform, "2;CPI-Collection Premiere Istanbul"2;, 2-4 February 2011 was held between santralistanbul. The fair, the first hints of summer gave Climber Jeans. Create your own fashion, creative and free fashion sense to the whole world was visited by hundreds of customers spread Climber&tt2;in stand.

Climber Jeans Factory Outlet Store is Open

Climber Jeans Factory Outlet Günesli Ataturk Avenue was opened. Climber Jeans is one of the most important brands in sports clothing store&tt2;s opening ceremonies of all products sold.

Quality Concepts, Corporate Culture, Health and Safety at Work Training 

Quality Concepts, Corporate Culture, Occupational Health & Safety

Traditional Cüno Textile Fast Breaking meal 

Traditional iftar dinner

Fifth Climber Football Tournament 

5.Climber Football Tournament

CLIMBER Brand -09/10 autumn- winter collection 

Sportswear brand fall winter 09/10 season Climber collections were introduced to the market

Quality Journey of Cüno Textile

Cüno Textile coming forefront especially with its Climber Jeans Brand is registering the successes with certificates. Sinan Özbay, Human Resources Manager stating that nothing ends with receiving certificates, is emphasizing they are on way to a long journey. Here are the things Cüno Textile did for quality…..