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Business Ethic Rules

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The target of Cuno Group is to ensure a better life quality for human and to fulfill our obligations to sustain the development of our country. Our target is to develop by adding new ones to our products which became worldwide brands by establishing strategies to accord with changing and developing new world markets immediately and more importantly by investing in new areas.

Ethical Working Rules consists of the main codes of conduct of our group companies. The company staff has to obey “Business Ethic Rules” and “Key Values of Cuno Group” while fulfilling their duties. We have business ethic principles based on company values.

The ethic and trustworthiness has played a determinative role in the business understanding of Cuno Group. Our corporate structure is fostered with trust and fidelity. All of our operations are shaped to represent the belief, trust and honesty with “CUNO” name. Succeeding this can only be possible with key values (5S) perspective: Love, Respect, Loyalty, Endurance and Patience.

We are decisive to do the true things irrespective of where we are operating or whichever position we are in. The mistakes will remain as exemptions; they will not become ordinary rules. We all should always keep the key values of CUNO in mind. Each of us, acting under the frame of directives consistently and taking them as guidelines for us, we will fulfill our obligations to lead Cuno Group’s reputation gaining as a company conducting its business honestly.

Our Responsibilities

Cuno Group Companies is targeting to be among the bests for full compliance with laws as well as for the responsibility against shareholders and in corporate nature.

Responsibilities to Our Customers

Cuno Group, by interpreting the understanding of “customers are our benefactors” as per the needs of our era, acts honest and fair as to ensure customer satisfaction at top level. It behaves sensitive about the problems of customers by producing quick and permanent solutions to ensure customer trust at top level. The honesty and the power of our moral values will create the reliance sense in our customer relations.

Cuno Group uses the labor of employees to produce quality products at highest standards based on the principle “to have the customer smiling”.

Responsibility Regarding Ourselves and Our Employees

‘‘Most valuable capital is our human resources. “This statement clarifies the approach of Cuno Group to its employees. It provides best opportunities to add value to the potentials of employees. By standing at equal distance to all employees, ensures a safe, comfort and continuously improving working environment. Our group refuses all kinds of discrimination, force use or pressure appliance both in recruitment and during working processes.

We behave honestly to our team friend acting with the understanding of us, not me considering personal differences as our richness. We share our successes and we undertake the responsibility of failures

Responsibilities Regarding Our Corporation and Shareholders

The highest additional values are ensured for shareholders by keeping long termed benefits of Cuno Group beyond short termed benefits of each unit. Efficient risk management and growth focused value creating strategies are followed. The sources and assets are managed in the most productive manner with the understanding of accountability and financial discipline.

Those served to Cuno Group in past should be respected and an elegant heritage should be left for next followers.

Responsibilities Regarding Public and Environment

Cuno Group always targets to carry the provided contributions forward with the target of being a good corporate citizen. Cuno Group, cooperating with charitable foundations and corporations working for social issues such as education, culture, environment and health, provides various supports to those foundations, conducts organizations in his own, and provides sources for projects which are beneficial for public, humanity and environment which develops the whole society by creating awareness.

Cuno Group acts in all areas of life with the consciousness of protecting the environment. Environmental management being carried within our organizational and operational system will enhance the success of business administration and will add considerable value to the ongoing growth. Environmental issues are always among the priority importance areas of Cuno Group management.

Cuno Group Management will continue to adhere to the principles for human safety, safety at work, continuous development, and environmental protection standards while producing environmental friendly products at international standards and developing the investment strategies with the awareness of our responsibilities to public and environment in response to requests on Corporate Social Responsibility. Cuno Group will always contribute to economical, cultural and sociological developments necessary for the development of our country.

Responsibilities Regarding the Sector and Competitors

In Cuno Group corporate responsibility is considered as an important competitive advantage and it is targeted to be a model in sector within the scope of respect. Steps to contribute sector in line with the benefits of our country are taken and supported.

The initiatives to restrict or limit the competition are not supported; competition is supported for absolute development paying attention to the laws and paying priority for ethical rules.

Cuno Group, while competing for leadership and success, on the other hand pays attention to how this success is gained by not being contended with success. The efforts and applications come to fruition with unethical ways are never indulged in any way whatsoever.

Confidentiality and Protection of Trade Secrets

You have to save the confidentiality of the information that is not in public opinion which you learn or acquire due to your business relationship with Cuno Group after your relation or employment terminates for any reason whatsoever or during your employment in Cuno Group.

Confidential information includes strategic, financial, and technical or business information that is not open to public opinion and which will lead damage to Cuno Group when disclosed. Some examples include formulas, processes, industrial information, industrial or business plans, financial estimates, financial or strategic plans, commercial negotiations, marketing studies or customer/vendor files. The employees of the group should keep the special information about customers and suppliers with special care to avoid any disclosure not complying with laws or to avoid any unauthorized amendment. You cannot bring any confidential information regarding your previous employer to Cuno Group or you cannot use such information in behalf of Cuno Group’s businesses.

Cuno Group believes the necessity of protecting personal information, respects the security of personal information. The personal data we receive and keep from our employees are limited with the information required for efficient operating of the company or with information required by laws. We consider a personal data given to us as the property of such person and as entrusted to Cuno Group. Such information will be kept as secret and will only be disclosed to those having legal reasons.


Business Ethic Rules is purposing to determine the standards of conduct and behaviors of all employees of Cuno Group as well as our representatives, dealers, consultants and those people supplying goods or services in behalf of Cuno Group or to Cuno Group.

These rules are providing a summary of some key policies of Cuno Group and they should be applied along with specific policies of your unit. It is your personal obligation to be familiar with the policies of group and specific policies of your unit and to conduct your job in compliance with these policies.

All employees are obliged to adhere to these rules which are determined based on their duties and forming a part of their responsibilities based on loyalty and good faith and they should also ensure the compliance of the persons in their team or under their supervision.