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Our dreams of future are powering all of us up….

In our era, the successes are no more individual; they are now collective or corporate successes. In past, each innovation was used to be called with the name of its inventor. The establishment story of Cuno goes back to early 90s. The main reason lying beyond our success of developing a huge group of commercial companies with the capacity to address many countries from a small sports wear atelier while developing own designs and products is the reflex of corporate thinking we have, not personal.

This “corporate thinking” reflex is forming one of the keystones of corporate philosophy of Cuno Group.

Cuno is open to world thanks to that philosophy. Worldwide leading brands are being created with entrepreneurship and brave resolutions and the strong condition in world markets are maintained by the investments made for research and development.

Cuno has a sense of responsibility for society as a corporate citizen, therefore acts with environmental awareness and looks after national, familial and spiritual values. Cuno assumes to be a reputable, stable, strong, honest and reliable corporation as an unalienable chain of values and displays efforts to be “the best” of each operational area and never gives up from serving for product quality.

Cuno, believing that the key of success is to work productively, in discipline and in planned manner, provides possibility for the professional development of its employees, rewards the success.

Cuno Group has an organization structure open for learning and criticizing since it adopts a participative, fair and democratic management style in all its companies. These values are ensuring the necessary power to Cuno Group Companies to sustain its success and development even under the hardest economical conditions, and providing the possibility to benefit from the opportunities arising under hard conditions.

We cannot deny the share of moral power in these successes given to us by our solidarity and unity spirit. As Cuno Group, we hereby promise to continue adding value to Turkish economy and enhancing the living quality of Turkish people by the employment possibilities we provide thanks to our production and export capacity.

Cuno Group
President of Executive Board