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We as Cuno Group have some key values that we consider in all of our operations, functions and decisions. We believe that our key values enhanced by our necessary management decisions based on years of experience until the establishment of our enterprise as a family company has played a very important role on our success. Consequently, we, as a corporation, want to share these guiding key values in our communications and interactions with our shareholders, employees, foreign and domestic partners, suppliers and public opinion.

We expect all of our employees to adopt and internalize these key values which we have formulated as “5S”.

These key values are: LOVE; RESPECT, LOYALTY, ENDURANCE AND PATIENCE, we knew that the result of patience is welfare, live accordingly and have the people to do so.

Cuno Group is a corporation displaying attention and care to conduct all its operations in compliance with all laws and regulations of Republic of Turkey.

LOVE We are “The humans of love”

Love is the reason of presence. We knew that everything was born from love, exist with love and sustain its presence with love.

We believe that love increases as it is shared, fostering relations between persons that require voluntary self devotion.

It is the main manner of sustainining the life. It is the communication language of all beings and finally love is the unique fellow of human.

We are themodest individuals of love with humanity values, with ethical rules surrounding the world of beings and tolerance which shows us nihilism of our ego.


“We are respectful persons”

Respect is the expression of value given by the individuals to themselves and their environment. It is an integral part of love. Respect is an essential requirement of our communal culture in human relations. Therefore we require our employees to comply with the rule of “nobody should do something to anyone that is undesired for yourself.


“We are enduring persons”

Endurance is the expression of a decisive and respectable attitude for the success of our targets; to fight for them until the end. As enduring persons, to act decisively and to keep our words are our unalienable habits by persisting on our rights but not insisting on unfairly by being aware of our deficits, by the awareness of responsibility.

Our most important duties are to keep treaties, to protect ourselves, our family, business, our Values of Republic which is gained by a national war that is model for all world countries irrespective of whatsoever our position or role is. We are also obliged to protect our world which is aging and damaging with every day passing. Our major value is to be decisive, to show stability in our profession or in each kind of works, in our true opinions and ideas.


“We are loyal humans”

Loyalty is a declaration of what we said, implement and our consistency.

It is loyalty, the way of ensuring one person the credibility needed for fidelity. As very well expressed by Mevlana, it is necessary to comply with “either seem as you are or be as you seem”.

We; as a worker, as a family member, as a citizen, in short as a human are devoted persons to their basic culture and values within the social rules chain we live in.


“We are patient”

Patience is the statement of a decisive and honest standing against all kinds of troubles and difficulties.

We believe that real patience necessitates to show stable decisiveness in difficulties as well as in welfare and abundance of benediction and to live without giving up from this principle even for a moment.

The most important ethical character of our family culture is to research the source of faults and defects with ourselves first and to act in patience in all kinds of communications and interactions as a humane and moral value.

We ensure active progress and sustainable contestation by evolving the behavior of patience from casualty to action; by forcing the prerequisites for the way of success.

We believe that the patience displayed against the experienced difficulties is the basis for success.